Donde ocurre la magia. Es de vital importancia disponer de fermentadores construidos con precisión para acondicionar la cerveza mientras fermenta. Jackz Maertens ofrece tanques de fermentación con soldaduras y pulidos ultra precisos, trazabilidad completa y la mejor calidad de materiales para cumplir con todos los estandares de seguridad internacionales. Desde los más pequeños, tamaño de brew-pub, hasta los fermentadores torre para exteriores, tenemos la capacidad productiva y la experiencia necesarias para construir tanques fermentadores personalizados de cualquier medida.

Standard specifications of fermenters.

Standard model: from 100l to 200,000l

  • The main material is SUS304 stainless steel
  • The upper part is made of stainless steel, the lower part is a 60º conical design, 100% TIG welding, cleaned and polished.
  • Working pressure of 0.15MPa, test pressure 0.3MPa.
  • With 3-4 stainless steel legs, height and level.
  • 3 mm thick inner jacket, PU insulation, 60 to 100 mm thick, 2 mm thick outer jackets.
  • Cleaning of internal surfaces, polished to 0.4um.
  • Sanitary clamp type connector of the appropriate standard models according to the tank.
  • Vacuum valves / pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, sampling valves, lifting lugs, upper access side, 360 ° CIP ball.
  • Separate double zone temperature control (adjustable), dimple jacket for cooling.
  • Rack for beer delivery.
  • Hops port type standard clamp.
  • Sensors for electronic thermometers.


    • Built in stainless steel AISI 304
    • 5-Year warranty under construction
    • Curved top and conical bottom
    • Insulated with polyurethane foam
    • Double acting vent valve (below 60 BBL)
    • Pressure and vacuum valves (60 BBL and above)
    • CIP with spray balls and removable arms
    • Temperature sensors, sample valve and butterfly valves
    • Manway without dead angles
    • 2 ″ Lower drain outlet
    • 6 ″ Hop Port
    • Racking arm


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